Ripple Inc (XRP) is Well Capitalized, and There is a Reason for That

Ripple Inc is one of the most
capitalized crypto entities, with Ripple (XRP) currently the third largest
cryptocurrency in terms of market cap with $14,134
million at the time of press. The adoption and investment by financial institutions have helped out
Ripple Inc in recent times.

Ripple Inc Has Offices Across the Globe

For an entity to be indeed
capitalized, then it needs to have a presence in virtually all parts of the
world. This is one aspect that Ripple Inc has so far been successful. At the
moment, Ripple Inc has offices across the globe.

According to Darth Ripple Inc, this
is an excellent feature that only Ripple Inc can boast of. The Ripple Inc
shareholder tweeted that “Dogecoin,
Cardano, Bitcoin, Funcoin, etc. Do they also have offices all over the world
just like Ripple Inc? Hodl. But if you don’t have faith in XRP sell it and buy
some useless coin maybe it will make you feel better

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Service a Subtle Advert for Ripple (XRP) and xRapid?

Its presence all over the world has
helped spread the XRP message of adoption and usage. Banks and other financial
institutions are getting to learn more about Ripple Inc and its cross-border
payment systems, and this has helped them make decisions in this regard. Some
big financial institutions such as SBI Holdings in Japan, Santander in Spain,
and a host of others are now using Ripple Inc’s remittance systems, and this
has boosted the use of XRP in the process.

Japanese Banks Invest in SBI’s Ripple Inc Payment App

The capitalization of Ripple Inc has
come from some of those big financial companies and the investment they have
brought to the XRP ecosystem. Recently, 13 banks in Japan invested in
Blockchain installment application MoneyTap that was developed by SBI Holdings and Ripple Inc.

The application makes use of Ripple
Inc’s blockchain product xCurrent and would allow banks and other financial
institutions to settle transactions instantaneously. The app would work 24
hours a day and would enable clients to send cash from their residential bank
to some other organization that has a similar interest in the platform.

According to the post, “Settlement arrangements planned by Ripple
Inc are utilized for both local and cross-fringe inter-banking exchanges. For
example, Spanish financial gathering Santander is using Ripple Inc’s xCurrent
for worldwide cash moves in Spain, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Poland.”

Large Capital Comes from Institutions

A look at the journey of
cryptocurrencies shows that retail investors have powered the rise of the
market over the past decade. However, the crypto space is yet to receive
adequate attention from some governments and big corporations because the total
market cap is relatively small, and is just a fraction of the size of Amazon
and Apple, two of the largest companies in the world.

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MoneyMessage Makes it Possible

It is therefore crucial that the crypto
space gets funding from institutions if they are to become a dominant force in
the global financial landscape and Ripple Inc has set out to achieve just that.
While most crypto projects roll out products for retail investors, Ripple Inc
has been focused on products that would help financial institutions move funds
faster and with fewer fees involved.

Ripple Inc is a well-capitalized
cryptocurrency entity at the moment, and it is evident that its focus on big
financial institutions is one of the reasons behind it. Other cryptocurrencies
might follow, but at the moment, XRP is the cryptocurrency best suited to gain
massive adoption.

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