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TRON community now gets another reason to celebrate as founder Justin Sun recently shared that it surpassed Ethereum [ETH] in terms of dApp volume. According to DApp review, IDEX, which is the most successful dApp on Ethereum network has a transaction volume of 2430 ETH transactions in 24 hours. On the other hand, Tronbet, has more than 422 million TRX transactions.

A Twitter user, Lucas, excitedly stated, “@kamagames @akuzn2 you must read this! #ethereum is outdated #tron is the future especially for online casino’s.” While another user, NanCrypto, said, “I have said time and again that TRX will go up to the moon and Ethereum will be left behind in the dust. This event is more than enough proof that I was right.”

In September, Sun even asked developers on Twitter users to stop deploying on the Ethereum blockchain and instead shift to the Tron blockchain. In his words, “Yes! Please stop deploying d-apps to Ethereum and migrate to #TRON network immediately! We are 100x faster than #ETH and fully compatible with #ethereum. We 100% guarantee better user experience!”

This comes soon after the total number of mainnet accounts on the Tron network had surpassed 600,000. Sun also noted that the TRON achieved the feat in just 143 days. The community seems to equally excited about it as a Twitter user, Troy, stated, “@justinsuntron You have an army behind you! We will double that number in no time. Tron Dex Bull run!”

Prior to this, TRON achieved the feat of crossing the 4 million mark in terms of block height. Blocks are an important part of a blockchain network since it provides the storage facility. TRON also added another feather to its cap as TRX got listed on a popular cryptocurrency exchange, Blockport, providing transactional services in Euro.

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