Blockchain Collectible Game World of Ether is Now Live on the Ethereum Mainnet

A new blockchain-based game has been deployed on the Ethereum’s network. The game World of Ether is a duelling and collectables game. Although the cryptocurrency market is operating in a bear trend, new developments are taking place in the space.

World of Ether is a game centred around the collection, breeding and fighting of monsters. These characters are stored inside an Ethereum smart contract and are categorized under these grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare and legendary.

“World of Ether is a duelling and collectables decentralized game that lives inside the Ethereum Virtual Machine,” reads the official website of the game.

Users can upgrade their characters, identities and units as they advance through the game. There is a higher possibility to draw a legendary monster if a player earns more experience points while playing.

It is important to mention that the monster collectables are fully owned by the users and can be tradeable in a secondary market. There are only 200 monsters available, which allows the game to provide a real element of scarcity.

We have also written that the game Coins & Steel has been deployed on the Loom network. It seems that there is an increased interest from users to start using these decentralized blockchain games.

This shows that the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow amidst a bear market that affected the whole space. Developers of blockchain games should be focused on developing a better user interface and usability to increase adoption.

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