Some altcoins seeing double-digit gains as the main contenders remain flat

Mostly sideways movement as we approach the end of the week. Bitcoin has shown almost no movement in the last 24-hours, hovering around $6,535. Ethereum is down slightly by 0.13% to trade at a little over $207. Total market capitalization remains where it has been over the last couple of weeks at around $210 billion.

XRP and EOS have shown slight gains of 0.25% costing $0.466 and $5.41 respectively. Stellar is the biggest winner of the top ten, climbing 3,49%. One XLM will cost you $0.242. Cardano also showing some minor gains of 1.67%.

As far as the top 20 goes, NEO and Zcash have shown the most upwards movement, both coins gaining over 5% in the last 24-hours to cost $17.23 and $120.95 respectively.

Electronium and Dogecoin are two of the biggest losers of the top 100. Both coins have seen losses of over 7%. 0x has also lost some ground, seeing a loss of a little over 4%

Some of the more minor altcoins are seeing pumps. Ravencoin is 43% in the green, while Polymath has climbed 12.67%. Additionally, Odyssey and PIVX have both seen gains of over 10%. These are likely to be short-term gains though and can be expected to drop within the next day or two.

Bitcoin dominance remains where it has been for most of the week at around 53.7%.

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