Ethereum Classic (ETC) New DApp Kit Launch Sends ETC Price South – Crypto Recorder

With the hype of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Coinbase ebbing away, the coin seems focused on its development front. The platform has announced the introduction of dApp tools that will bring in more investors. The outfit is targeting ICOs and similar projects that will add value to its native coin; ETC.

This will test its potential in dApps and if the move proves successful, it will give Ethereum (ETH) increased competition in the blockchain industry. The dApps marketplace appears to be drawing a lot of attention with many newer coins working hard to dominate the niche.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Introduces the Emerald Software 

In the latest turn of events, the developer team behind the ETC project has announced the release of the promised Emerald Software Development tool.

The announcement made through the coin’s official twitter handle bring an end to the much anticipated developer kit that will see more developers coming on board to start developing their projects.

The projects is set to tap in to the discontent on the Ethereum platform with many ICO’s and other dApp developers looking for better networks that are scalable, affordable and secure. The timing of the Emerald could not have come at a better time but it will take some time before the results begin to trickle in.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Warning to Developers

At the time of writing, the kit is available through the dev team and comes with a set of instructions. The tam warns user that the ecosystem’s assets are used for speculation and there are only two ways; the prices either go up or down. However, critics have questions the ability of the platform to venture into dApps.

As per the latest data from Blocktivity, Ethereum has a 24 hour transactions capacity of 50,000 transactions and this is low compared to that of Ethereum. If this speed is distributed and on-boarding of dApps rises, it could in the end affect the network from optimally delivering on their promises.

The continuing use of ASICs to mine ETC is seen as a way to strengthen its security and keep away attacks that have been on the rise in recent times.

The ETC has remained unattractive and the developer tools might bring it back to life in the coming months. Even with such good news, the coin price has not shifted from the red territory. This has kept the community in near panic mode which has been made worse by the current bearish market.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Recap

The Coinbase boost after ETC listing has seen its value grow in the last three months with the coin moving from rank 18 to 14 by market capitalization. However, the coin appears unsettled and appears not to threaten towards getting to the top 10 rankings any time soon.

The last 24 hour trading period has seen the coin drop 0.93% against the dollar and 0.39% to Bitcoin to trade at $11.08. Much of the ETC volumes are coming through EXX exchange which accounts for 34.42% of the days total volumes with ETC/USDT being the popular pair and an indication that more traders might be exiting crypto though Tather to fiat.


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