0x (ZRX) Breakout Setting in Even before Getting Listed on Coinbase

0x (ZRX) is among the fastest growing projects and its 2018 infrastructure development speaks for itself. This has also seen the community grow very fast. The development team has been very open and keeps the fan base updated on a timely manner. With users knowledgeable on what is happening on the ecosystem a lot of passion has evolved.

With a lot of speculation in the market, 0x has remained bullish and the market cap has grown tremendously. One thing that makes 0x stand out is the fact that it powers decentralized exchanges. Building custom decentralized exchanges (DEX) is very easy on the 0x platform. This is a not profit outfit that you can create your own digital asset and determine your own fee.

Based on the Ethereum platform, 0x (ZRX) seeks to create a world where value flow is seamless. This has seen several projects commit riding on the 0x protocol. This is an easy way to secure and manage your business your location notwithstanding. Top to benefit from the ecosystem are decentralized exchanges.

0x (ZRX) Cross Project Trading

With several projects built on the ZRX outfit, when participants transact across different projects, there is sizeable liquidity. More and more developers are coming onboard the platform to create their ERC20 tokens using the Ethereum rails and this one of the many reasons why the value and price of ZRX is gaining traction.

Currently 0x is playing host to several projects including Dydx and Augur. These two projects are growing steadily and making 0x and its native coin ZRX very popular. These are high profile projects being built on a platform that is repositioning itself in the crypto verse which is a good sign of its future potential and has attracted the attention of Coinbase.

0x (ZRX) Listing on Coinbase

News that Coinbase is considering adding ZRX on its crypto portfolio has given the coin a spike. However, the actual listing dates have not been made public and once it happens, a huge price surge is anticipated. Trading on Coinbase will give the coin additional visibility that will culminate in overall value growth of ZRX.

While making the promise, Coinbase clearly stated that the digital asset platforms will need extra exploratory work and with the platform transformation that 0x (ZRX) has undergone for the last six months, it could turn out to be lucky among the five candidates. Conflicting of the regulator requirements is a surefire way of some of the coins missing out on the anticipated listing.

Coinbase stand is very clear as per their announcement early July:

“Going forward, you should expect that we will make similar announcements about exploring the additions of multiple assets. Some of these assets may become available everywhere, while others may only be supported in specific jurisdictions.”

0x ((ZRX) price Outlook

ZRX is ranked 24 by market capitalization that stands at $633.6million and the last 24 hour trading period had seen the token gain 8.59% against the dollar and 7.65% to Bitcoin to trade at $1.18. Since Coinbase hint, the token price has been holding steadily and a major breakout is in the offing shout the exchange list ZRX.

The ZRX/BTC popularity for the last 7 days has raised a lot of interest among investors and it seen as a long term bull run. The price of 0x (ZRX) is also enticing as an entry point for new adoption and this is set to be the long awaited catalyst for a major breakout going towards the end of the year.

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