Possible ripple effect of the Boston Store closing

Orange Julius store in the Janesville Mall

JANESVILLE (WKOW) — The fallout from the closing of the Boston Store will likely be felt throughout the Janesville Mall.

The parent company of the Boston Store and Younkers Store – Bon Ton — is going out of business. That means the two Boston Stores in Madison and the other in Janesville will soon close it’s doors.

“That is not good. That is not good for this mall,” said Lea Fritzinger, who owns the Orange Julius shop in Janesville Mall.

Entrepreneurs like Fritzinger will definitely feel the pinch from the decrease in foot traffic.

“Oh it will definitely have an impact. Again, the lack of traffic. We’re going to lose traffic in here,” Fritzinger said. “I’m sorry to see that they can’t make that work. We do need a big store in there like that. Boston Store is a good quality store. I like to shop there myself.”

Fritzinger said the Janesville Mall in general has changed since she started her business.

“A lot of online shopping I think is the biggest affect on the downfall of the stores. We can take care of them if they get here.”

When she took over the Orange Julius, Fritzinger had eleven employees. Now she has eight. She said with the closing of the Boston Store, she may have to cut staff even more.

“I’ll be working more. Because it will cost more payroll and not enough to cover the loss,” she said.

Fritzinger thinks the mall could rebound if it gets the right stores.

“Maybe like a Macy’s or Burlington Coat Factory. Something like that. I’m a big believer in change does not have to be bad.”

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