Summer Turned to a Rainy Season through KDC Cash!

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It’s raining this summer!

KDC will undergo hardfork and it will result into a KDC Cash! This summer, all customers were planned to receive KDC Cash to celebrate its success. The fluctuation of KDC price is expected to become a remarkable coin this year.

The global blockchain network is scheduled to do its hard fork which is expected to a launch a new coin. This coin will take off on July 2018 which will get more decentralized, anonymous, and based on peer to peer network. These features will empower the ability to transfer assets online on the easiest way. In just one snap, the transaction is expected to be shown instantly, certain and definitely at the lowest cost.

Empowered with passion and the greatness of mind with cryptocurrency, this hard fork will result into more and more configurations that will not let you look for any other coins. KDC Cash aims to capture everyone with its unique features.

Trade in. Buy in. Now will always be the best time cause tomorrow is never promised.

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